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24/7 assistance

Essor Equipements Assistance is a team of professionals at your service 365 days a week, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in DR Congo and in most European countries, during the manufacturer's warranty period for your equipment.

In order to guarantee an optimal level of quality and safety, Essor Equipements, offers healthcare establishments that so wish the implementation of a premium maintenance service: the after-sales maintenance service.

Composed of several technicians, this service guarantees the availability of a qualified technician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, who provides medical equipment assistance and on-site intervention as quickly as possible, in accordance with our contractual commitments.

Our history

Essor Equipements is efficient and present throughout the territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo through its focal points in the South in Katanga precisely in Lubumbashi, in the East in Goma and Bukavu, in the North in Kisangani, in the 'Ouest Bas Congo, Bandundu, Kinshasa its head office and in the Center by the two Kasai.

At the heart of the health ecosystem in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ESSOR EQUIPEMENTS advises and supports health professionals in the continuous improvement of the quality of health equipment.

In order to take a new step, ESSOR EQUIPEMENTS has undertaken to put in place a quality staff composed of fifteen employees including five consultants made up of two pharmacists, two biologists, three sales representatives, two logisticians and an accountant, in order to provide a service of quality to the Congolese population through its health professionals.

Our specialties

Founded in 1996, by Mr. Gabriel MBEMBA MAKUTA, ESSOR EQUIPEMENT specializes in the distribution of medical equipment throughout R&D. Congo (medical apparatus and equipment), laboratory reagents and consumables as well as the wholesale and retail sale of pharmaceutical products. ESSOR EQUIPEMENT works closely with healthcare professionals, through brands with strong expertise and cooperating with healthcare professionals.

ESSOR EQUIPEMENT goes from import to delivery through transport and storage, our activity consists of distributing drugs, installing and maintaining medical equipment (medical imaging equipment, operating theaters, functional explorers, sterilizers, computers , incinerators, resuscitators, etc.), deploy and maintain laboratory equipment for analysis and scientific research by ensuring the supply of reagents and consumables of all kinds.

ESSOR EQUIPEMENT also takes care of the training necessary for the use of the equipment.

Our facilities

Our office and point of sale are located in the town of Gombe in Kinshasa at room 73 of Galerie Botour. Our maintenance workshop for the technical team and its administration is located on avenue du commerce n ° 137, it has a warehouse equipped with a cold room to meet international standards to properly preserve thermolabile products and secure its equipment. for its consumers.

Our guarantees

Payment and delivery

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